Einstufungstest Englisch, Anweisung deutsch

Damit wir Ihnen mit Ihren Sprachkenntnissen weiterhelfen können, müssen wir Ihren jetzigen Kenntnisstand ermitteln. Wir bitten Sie deshalb, diesen Fragebogen auszufüllen.

Teil 1 gibt Ihnen die Gelegenheit, Sätze in der Fremdsprache zu mehreren Themen frei zu bilden.

Teil 2 hingegen ist ein strukturierter Fragenkatalog, der Ihre Beherrschung wichtiger Strukturen prüft. Sie werden dabei nicht geprüft! Wir analysieren lediglich Ihren momentanen Kenntnisstand, um den richtigen Ansatzpunkt für Ihren Sprachkurs ermitteln und Sie gegebenfalls richtig eingruppieren zu können.

Auch wenn Sie meinen, nur geringe Kenntnisse zu haben, versuchen Sie bitte trotzdem ein paar Sätze in Teil 1 zu schreiben. Wenn Sie überhaupt keine Kenntnisse haben, vergessen Sie bitte nicht, die Angaben zur Person einzugeben. Vielen Dank.

Bitte füllen Sie das folgende Formular aus, mit * gekennzeichnete Felder sind Pflicht. Vielen Dank!

TEIL 1: Bitte schreiben Sie einige Zeilen in der Fremdsprache zu folgenden Themen:
1. Ihre bisherigen Lernerfahrungen mit der Fremdsprache (Schule, Weiterbildung,Auslandsaufenthalte, usw.)
2. Ihr Beruf
3. Die Fremdsprache (fuer Sie) als Arbeitssprache
4. Zu welchem Zweck und mit welchen Schwerpunkten wollen Sie Ihre Kenntnisse verbessern?
TEIL 2: Bei den folgenden 50 Fragen bitte die richtige Antwort ankreuzen!
1. Is that the Tourist Information Office? I'm looking for ... .
room an hotel a room a bedroom
2. "What does she do?" "She's .................. in a hospital."
works secretary a secretary at work
3. I saw ..................... this morning.
a accident any accident accident an accident
4. The firm is located ........................
at Newhaven Street in the New-haven Street in Newhaven Street at the New-haven Street
5. Did you hear the news ................ the radio?
on at in by
6. In our country there are social programmes to help ...
poor people poor persons poor ones poor peoples
7. Her eyesight is very poor. She can't see without ...
a glass her glass her spectacle her glasses
8. Could you tell me what this word ..., please.
is meaning meaning means mean
9. I ... television from 6 to 8 p.m. every evening.
look am lookin at am watching watch
10. In the United States most shops ... seven days a week.
are opened stay open keep opening stay opened
11. How many languages ...?
does John speaks speaks John does John speak is John speaking
12. What ... this afternoon?
do you do are you doing do you make do you
13. The visitors are going to arrive at 4 o'clock, ...?
aren't they don't they do they isn't it
14. "Can I get you something from the canteen?" "Yes, please. ... a cheese sandwich."
I'll have I'm going to have I take I have
15. "What's Julie up to nowadays?" "... a novel."
She has written She writes She will write She's writing
16. "Where is John?" "... tennis."
He's gone to play He will play He goes to pla He plays
17. If I am not in ... the morning, call back ... Friday afternoon.
in/at in/on on/at at/on
18. The secretary speaks ...
the English perfekt. perfectly English. perfect English. English perfect.
19. David, who is married to my sister, works for a company ... makes printers.
that what who where
20. ... it rains tomorrow, I will stay at home.
When If As Because
21. Rob's new office is bigger than the one he ... before.
has had has got had was having
22. Mary ... in New York for many years before she moved to Germany.
has lived lived was living was live
23. On our first tour of the States, we ... to New York.
haven't been haven't gone went not didn't go
24. Where ... on vacation last month?
have you gone did you go had you gone have you been
25. After ... his wife he went to the airport.
he calls calling called to speaking
26. "Did you sell him the machine?" "Yes, I ... talk him into buying it."
could am able to can was able to
27. He ... a letter when the phone rang.
has been writing has written was written was writing
28. Mary ... now.
lives for 8 years in Germany is living for 8 years in Germany has lived in Germany for 8 years has lived in Germany since 8 years
29. "... the new salesman yet?" "Yes, he seems like a nice man."
Have you met Have you been meeting Do you meet Were you meeting
30. I haven't received ... mail from London yet.
no not one any some
31. I am tired now because I ... all day.
work have been working am working am doing work
32. Further education is of ... importance in our company.
great high tall big
33. Does anyone know ... pen this is?
whom who who's whose
34. "Where's Larry?" "He's in the ..."
office to the manager office from the manager managers office manager's office
35. We often meet ... in the corridor.
another us ourselves each other
36. This restaurant is expensive! I thought you said it ... cheap.
is be were was
37. You should have done ... I told you.
like that how what
38. That report must be completed ... the end of the week.
to until by till
39. ..., I didn't catch that. Could you repeat the question?
Please Excuse What Sorry
40. He was surprised to find his suitcase ... stolen.
was had been has been had
41. "Are you going to repair it yourself?" "No, I ... ."
let it repair let it be repaired am having it repaired have it repaired
42. I'll speak to Peter Kramer after we ... the meeting.
having have had had had had
43. She'll certainly come to see us if we ... her.
are asking ask do ask asked
44. I wish I ... how to save more money.
know knew was knowing did know
45. If he had missed his connecting flight he ... by now.
had phoned have phoned would phone would have phoned
46. In my old company most people ... come into work on Saturdays.
had were used to used to use to
47. I'm tired now. I ... wine with my lunch.
do not used to having am not used to having am not used to have do not use to have
48. He would have been on time if his car hadn't ... down.
broken break braked broke
49. My job's interesting, but I ... work long hours.
must had to have to must have to
50. You ... work late on Friday if you don't want to.
mustn't needn't have not have not to

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