Language Training/Consulting

Language Training and Crosscultural Consulting

We assist our clients in integrating expat employees, preparing staff for assignments abroad and developing – and delivering – global and local training courses. Whatever the case, it will involve individuals with different cultural backgrounds and different needs, requiring individual solutions that we create from a variety of intercultural and/or language training and coaching modules delivered face to face, by telephone or online.

More than dos and don’ts – Intercultural awareness training is particularly useful for people working in multinational teams or with partners from different cultures, because awareness is the first step towards understanding.

It takes two to tango – When the focus is on interaction with one foreign culture, tandem workshops (i.e. led by two trainers, one from each culture) provide the necessary depth. For employees assigned to a foreign country, we offer follow-up coaching which provides invaluable support in their new environment.

Lost for words? – A different culture often means a different language. Our approach to language training is based on the needs of the individual and focuses on rapid, relevant learning through intensive training formats, variets of media as well as flexibility in terms of time, place and content.

TOEIC Test – How well do your foreign employees speak English? Find out with the TOEIC Test. We are an authorised test centre for the world’s most widely used objective test of business English.

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